Ian Edwards – Official Website


“Hastings singer/songwriter Ian Edwards is establishing himself and has been well received by the music industry.  Ian has an alternative pop rock sound that is radio friendly as well as artistically relevant.

SQ Magazine, November 2011

“Ian has a distinctive tone and in a time where so many musicians are trying to sound like today’s major artists I think he may have the upper hand by reaching for tomorrows sound.

Michele Pethers, Crash Records

With sounds reminiscent of the greats by Chris de Burgh fused with a newer and more modern feel typical of James blunt, Ian Edwards really cuts it. It is one thing to have a great song but Ian’s trademark must be his unique high and mellow vocal tone that’s truly stunning.

Mark Hussey, TopOfTheOx & Session Musician

“Fans of Kristian Leontiou and Matchbox 20 may be interested in Ian Edwards, a talented singer-songwriter from Hastings, UK, who creates catchy, rock-tinged pop music with heartfelt intent. His music showcases a mix of acoustic lamentations, piano melodies, sparse drumming and bass parts, accompanied by some sensitive lyrics that depict everyday life experiences. The tracks sound immediately familiar upon first hearing — Edwards deliberately keeps things simple so that his listeners can tap their feet and easily sing along — and the cynicism and intimacy in the lyrics is always pretty believable via his emotional vocal range.

Andy Carrington, Writer